About Us

In the centre of the small north Devon town of Barnstaple lies South West Cheese, what we reckon to be the best little delicatessen in the country. Admittedly we’re biased, but it’s hard not to be with everything we’ve got going on in here, so we asked everyone else in the country instead. Ok maybe not, but ask any local around where to find the best cheese, or sausage rolls, scotch eggs & quiches, in Barnstaple, and they’re bound to say here. Still unsure? There’s only one way to prove it. You’ll have to come to this beautiful and quiet corner of the country and visit us! Problem solved.

The Finest Selection of Food

With over 100 different cheeses on any given day, and much more besides, South West Cheese is one of the important landmarks of Barnstaple. We’ve been here three years in our current guise, over 10 as a delicatessen before us and the shop many more before that! We’re part of Barnstaple’s iconic Butcher’s Row, named so due to the fact that the whole street originally consisted of small butchers. Without supermarkets this was where everyone came to get their meat, and its specific positioning shielded the store fronts from the sun. Now there are fewer butchers here, but luckily the design of the street still serves as a boon to many businesses like our little delicatessen.

South West Cheese in Barnstaple, Devon, is a reputable delicatessen in the area. Contact us via the form below to place an order.

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